Sunday, September 13, 2009

The power of Perceptions

I was just flipping over my book of finance when an idea sparked in my mind and in no time, I am here, putting it down. I was thinking about perceptions. How important they are. It’s all about how you think, you look at a situation. A winner finds a solution in every problem and a loser finds a problem with every solution, as the cliché goes but it holds true. If an intern is expecting a PPO from a company, he would look for every possible signs of his Guide, and would consider them as an indication of his positive chances. On the other hand a pessimistic would always find a reason to convince him, why he will not be offered the same. When we set out to do something big, you are sure to have a majority saying “this can’t be done”, but there would be few who would give their heart and soul to make it work. It’s about how much you can hold on. Narendra Modi, the Gujraat Chief Minister had the whole party against him in the last assembly elections. They did not want him to see him victorious. But he did not give up. Fought the election all alone without any help from the center and when the party emerged victorious, the newspaper headlines read “Modi Wins Gujrat” instead of the conventional “BJP wins”. If a single man can steer his party to a landslide majority in a state like Gujraat, imagine what we all can do.

Perseverance is the word. I have seen people who are almost as adamant as “The Great wall of China” when it comes to pursuing their dreams. The journey from dreams to reality is usually completed by those who are either very lucky or have a strong will and determination backing their commitment. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, but there would be many who would leave this journey at 100,200,300 miles etc. And the worst are those who leave after covering over 900 miles, failing to realize how close they were to victory.

So before setting out to achieve big, see the goal, focus on it, and get on with all your might and victory will be yours.


Raj said...

kya chutiya type post likha hai madarchod, kuchh akal istemal kar liya kar

Arpit said...

LoL, mind vlowing comment from Raj .. !!!