Monday, July 7, 2008


I m really gonna miss these days

I am gonna miss my college days

This song by 'Gaurav Dagaonkar' is a one which comes too close to the spirit of nostalgia and could have been composed only by someone who really was missing his college life from the bottom of his heart. I heard this song in the farewell function of our class where this was used as background music to a very beautiful video of our college life. Only then did I realise that yes it was finally coming to an end and would never get back these days. The journey which had started four years back on a rainy Sunday morning is now over. The engineering course is divided into eight half yearly semester, and each of them had a different flavor and aroma which is still fresh in my thoughts. The classes, the teachers , the assignments and last but not the least some great buddies, all of them are very difficult to forget.

These four years were characterized by learning in a new environment, loads of fun, chit-chats,time pass and yes some studies. When I joined the course I was not knowing what is Computer Engineering, and I still have no clue in this regard. But this does not mean that I have not learnt any thing in college. I have learnt how to remain awake till 6:00 a.m in the morning just watching movies and playing games, I am now an expert in finishing a 400 page book in a single night, I know how to attempt a paper of 100 marks even though I am not knowing a single question, I can play with deadlines, I know how to manage myself with the money which my father used to send me (by cutting all expenditure related to studies) and much more. Well sure I have changed. I read somewhere yesterday that the one thing constant in life is change and I am in no mood to defy that.

College life was not only about studies (in fact it involved anything but studies) but many other activities. My attendance used to range between 55-65 % in class but at 'NOW and THEN' (a cafe in the back side of campus) it was little less than 100%. Even though many of my teachers refused to recognize me but there was no chai-wala in the campus who was not knowing me. The discussions on the table ranged from international issues line 'war in Afghanistan' and 9/11 to personal issues like how to secure placements with such low aggregate percentage. The other very important agenda of our meeting used to be strategy making for survival to criticizing the system. For each of our problems we used to blame people or organizations. The targets of our blame game ranged from American president Bush to the roadside cigarette wala (for not providing cigarette on 'udhar'). This blame game was the best past time we had (of course other than sitting on net). This was the scene of the life outside class.

Coming to the classes part. A general engineering class resembles a movie hall because the back benches are more in demand then the front ones. In a movie hall we have to pay more to get the rows at the back (like gold , silver etc.), similarly in class you had to pay the price of coming early to the class to bag a back bench. Late comers were forced to sit on the front benches (because the last ones were already occupied) and sitting there they were left with no option but study. Also sleeping on the front benches was difficult than it was on the last ones. But I am an exception to this rule. I hold the record or sitting on the front bench and falling asleep. The incident goes like this, a teacher who considered me a good student was taking class and I was sitting on the first bench. She had kept her text book on my table and was teaching. In the mean while I put my head down on that book and fell asleep. When that page was finished she tried to raise my hand from the page but it had become heavy as I was having a nice nap. Suddenly she pushed me and I woke up highly embarrassed. Well what better can you expect caught by your teacher sleeping in the front. Coming back to engineering classes, the other very important aspect is 'never be on time : it might harm your reputation' . People seldom came to class on time. In fact some time students were so late that professor used to ask them 'beta are u late for this class or early for the next one?'. Still the student next day would unabashedly used to ask may I come in 55 Min's. late.

So this was how these days passed. Although discussing all that happened would generate more text than 7 volume of Harry potter novel. But all said and done college days were the best of my life.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A New Begining

I was just sitting in front of my PC from the past few days refreshing the orkut home page 10^16 times in a day. The number of scraps and community messages seemed to be as constant as the adamant attitude of the left on the nuclear deal. Gmail was also not very encouraging although my memberships to different yahoo groups (I know its a sin to subscribe yahoo groups in Gmail) and some other sites ensured at least some activity. Suddenly I went through the orkut profile of one of my new college to be batch mate and I found a blog link in it. This gave me a third site which could provide me more means to kill time and ensure that I do not put the same load on the orkut servers. I opened my blog which seemed like I was taking a rusted car out of the junk yard and which was irreparable. Hence I decided to delete it altogether and went on to create a new post with a new URL.

Selecting URL was the first hurdle I faced. No matter how strange my URL was a message used to appear on the screen which said
"URL already taken".

No matter how strange my URL used to be it was already taken. Even a dictionary refused to help. Still after some 50 unsuccessful attempts I have got a hosting URL. After that the word verification proved to be the second problem. The word image for verification resembles some text which could very well be certified by a leading archaeologist of the 'early man era'. It seemed that Google had snapped them from some encryption's found in the prehistoric caves. But after asking for a new word thrice something remotely resembling English appeared on the screen. But still retyping it correctly was a far fetched dream. I think Google must take a cue from the famous show of Big B the 'KBC' and provide us with 4 options and 2 life lines. I finished this task also but only after I had used a magnifying glass of some astronomic focal length. And finally here I am. Hope the fate of this blog is not the same as my last one.