Tuesday, March 23, 2010

End of college days

Hi all. returning to this blog after a long time. I guess this is my nth post announcing my return. Dont know till when it will last. The new farmville fever has gripped me. To admit something frankly I am not interested in continuing with this blog. Instead feel like strating something new. That will be on my new blog address which will be added here as well. I see that visits to this blog are now continuous and I have been getting close to 18 hits per week. Though the google adsence revenue seems static like the Great Wall of China.. The new blog would be directed towards my first love, comedy. I will try to entertain all through my writings and lets see how much I succeed. As about my status, this B School Graduate is now ready to leave the confines of school and join the corporate world as an investment banker. It feels nostalgic that the education is coming to an end and would never get back to college life. Now I am heading towards bigger goals in life and take a plunge in the rat race. I hate it but cant avoid it. Every phase in life is supposed to be enjoyed and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay out here (discounting some of the bad incidents). It was a life full of Ups and downs (more downs than ups). But "all's well that ends well" as the famous saying goes I will again rate my stay here 4.5 on a scale of 5. Thanks DMS IIT D for all the love......

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